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In addition to books on local and northwest history, the Franklin County Historical Museum Gift Shop sells other gift items such as mugs, t-shirts, historical toys, and die cast pencil sharpeners.

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Railroads, Reclamation and the River:

A History of Pasco by Walter Oberst

Railroads, Reclamation and the River is considered the definitive history of Pasco and much of Franklin County. Walter Oberst was a beloved history teacher who taught in the Pasco school district from 1928 until he retired in 1967. Instrumental in forming the Franklin County Historical Society, he is considered its founding father, served as the first President and as editor of publications for many years. The history of our town could not be written in isolation from contiguous and adjacent areas. thus it is not confined just to the events which occurred within the city limits.In order to present a more complete and authentic picture of the pioneer events and persons that influenced the history of our town, a certain amount of up county history is included.  

Pasco - 100 Years in Pictures

The object of this book is to tell the history of Pasco during it's first 100 years with pictures, each accompanied with brief narration. but the history of our town could not be written in isolation from the adjacent areas up county, so we have selected a representative set of pictures from there also. Yet this does not purport to be a history of Franklin County as such.

Kin-I-Wak, Kenewick, Tehe, Kennewick

A hard bound book primarily about Kennewick. The chapters are essentially as they appeared in the various issues of "The Courier."

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