About Our Museum and Society

About Franklin County Historical Society

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Franklin County’s past. The Society has been collecting artifacts and information that tell the history of Franklin County since its inception in 1968. Countless volunteer and staff hours have been spent working to increase the public knowledge of our local history.

In 1983, after over two years of painstaking renovation, the Society moved into the former Carnegie Library, which originally opened in 1911. Exhibits feature Native American artifacts, information on Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery, railroad development, agriculture, irrigation, area ferries and bridges, aviation and health care, as well as a wealth of local artifacts and photos.

Our Mission

The Franklin County Historical Society shall preserve and promote the history of Franklin County through educational publications, programs, and the operation of the Franklin County Museum.

Board of Directors

Glen Allison


Doc Hastings

Vice President

Keith Snider


Lamar Palmer


Lara Hastings

Immediate Past President

Linda Adkinson

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Alan Bacon

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Jim Rabideau

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